So you have started your story and then for no reason you can think of you just can not finish it. You have writerís block. First things first, it is normal and you can beat it. Writers get it all the time and there is no reason to think that you should just give up writing because of it.

Here are some tips for beating writerís block.
  1. Take a break! Get up and go outside, walk a little and throw some rocks in a pond, or climb a hill, walk your dog, anything! You will be amazed at how the out doors can rejuvenate you and give your brain a break from trying to slam words on the page.

  2. Do not erase the work you have done just because you think it is no good. Think about it, if you write for an hour then erase an hourís worth of work what will you be left with? The truth of the matter is that if your writing really was as bad as you may think it is know that there will always be people who will love it, and people who will hate it. But before they can get to loving or hating it, you have to finnish writing it.

  3. Read a book, or watch a movie. Seeing some other forms of narrative can help new ideas form in your mind. Think about what parts of them you liked and try to improve them or change them to work with your style. Think about what you did not like and avoid them when when you sit back down and write.

  4. Know what motivates you. Are you a competitive person? If so set a goal of writing a page in two hours. Then the next time you write try to beat that goal. Maybe you are an easy going person who just wants to have fun. In that case write what you love and lift up your spirits by doing what you enjoy.

  5. Start a new project. Have two or three stories going at one time so when you can not go any further with one, jump over to the next one in the cycle. This way you will feel like you get a variety, and you will continue to write. That is the most important tip of them all, never give up!