Now you have a short story and you want to see it published and sent out onto the bookshelves of bookstores everywhere. The truth is there is a lot of difficulty in trying to have your work published by professionals. As ever the the single best way to get it done is to know someone in the business. Short of that, you will have to send it to a major publishing house, or magazine where it will wait in a stack of a thousand others to be hastily read through and be found to be “Though lovely, not what we are looking for at this time,” by the companies. The chances are slim, but, even still, new stories are published every day.

There are many alternative roots that can be taken to achieve a wide audience for your stories. The fastest and cheapest way is to simply spread it online. There many sites who's sole purpose for being is to circulate short stories. Why not post them on Facebook? Your friends can be a great first audience to test your writing on.

Self publishing is another alternative available. With a small investment you will be able to create physical copies of your work which you can sell, give as gifts or fix the wobbly table in your kitchen with.

No matter how you choose to share your story with the world, know that you must in some small way distance yourself from it as it will earn you both praise and ridicule. There is no way anyone will create anything that absolutely everyone will like. With this truth comes the equally true knowledge that someone will read your story and hate it. They might even say nasty things about it, and even you. This can not discourage you from continuing to write. If we all stopped when the first person told us to, we would all be stifled creatively, and the world would be a dull and dreary place to live.

Do not lose heart when you may not get your way the first time when trying to publish. Keep at it and eventually you will find success in one form or another.