Cry of the South: The Soundtrack was composed by the talented Nadia Tirolese. Growing up with a background in piano composition, Tirolese emulated the compositions of her favorite composers while completing her Royal Canadian Conservatory of Music repertoire.

"I wanted to compose pieces that were evocative of the vast, mysterious, magical, and often dangerous world of Alaric. I also aimed to inject them with an undercurrent of heroism, to give the listener a sense that Vero Terum and his comrades are people that struggle against the odds, succeeding even in seemingly impossible situations. Vero, especially, begins as a slave and strives to empower himself, and I hoped to convey his grappling for a better life. More than that, my goal was to give a certain emotional feeling to each piece. This would thereby characterize the scene for which each piece was composed, while attempting to create both a ebb and flow of action to suit whatever scenes the compositions would accompany."- Nadia Tirolese

1.Vero's Theme

2.Captain Stolla Dialiam

3.Nancy Tavern's Cafe

4.The Cry of the South

5.Captain Shane


7.Live For Me

8.Bringing Down the House

9.The Notorious Raif Monroe

10.The Altarions Attack

11.Bitter Goodbyes

12.Bolgena, Rytonia

13.The Red Witch

14.Long Road Home


16.The Lovely Lucie River

17.Escape From Fort Mither

18.The Ost en Lore

19. The Battle for Abeena

20. A Call to the West