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Kyle Howard

Harvest, Alabama

University of Montevallo

Senior, Marketing major

MIS Minor


I was born in East Moline, Illinios in 1991 and moved to Harvest, Alabama
in 2001. I've played ice hockey since the year we moved to alabama which
to doesn't make sense to most people. I started playing ice hockey when
I moved to Alabama and I only played roller hockey in Illinios.
I grew up in Harvest with my two older brothers Patrick and Daniel
and my older sister Susan. I grew up along side my older brother Daniel
who is only a year older than me. We played a lot of baseball growing up but
for me hockey quickly became my favorite pass time. I would get off the school bus
and throw my book bag down in the back yard and shoot hockey pucks at the goal
for hours on our back patio until it was time for dinner. Amazingly I only broke two windows
on the back of our house.

I attended Sparkman High School where I played four years of varsity hockey and became
the Captain for my senior year. After graduating I enrolled at the University of Montevallo.
I still play hockey in mens league tournaments and pickup games whenever I can.



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