Paul J Hunter Photography

The Man Behind the Lens

Paul J Hunter

Birmingham, AL Photographer

Artist Roots

My Name is Paul Hunter and I am a photographer. Photography has been a huge part of my life from the age of ten years old till now. I started out using film and then moved to digital photography. I still use film for some of my photography art work. I do like film: the darkroom process is a lot of fun. Using the enlarger gives you a more hands on feeling of printing process of your photographs. Cropping, burning and dodging are more hands on in the darkroom to make the perfect print. Everything you can do in the darkroom you can do in Photoshop, it is just more time consuming in the dark room. But after all the work you put into your photograph; you get the pleasure of watching your photograph appear from a blank page to your photograph in the developer bath. Most of my work is digital photography.


I love spending time in nature. Camping and hiking are things I love to do. Being outdoors is relaxing place for me. Nature gives me a place of inspiration for my art work. Camping is something I really enjoy because it gives me a place to not have the distractions of everyday life.