UKGK - Crosses

One of the most challenging aspects of goalkeeping is dealing
with crosses. They can come from many different angles, and at
different heights and speeds. It takes a lot of experience and
quality practice to fully master this area. A keeper who is calm
under the pressure of crosses instils confidence in his defence
whilst also demoralizing the opponent, who must find another way
to get to goal. Crosses require concentration and focus, as a
keeper will usually have to go into high traffic areas where
collisions with team mates and opponents are likely. Being
decisive is key, once you commit to coming for a cross you have
to get there.

There are 2 ways to deal with crosses and high ball:
1)Catch- Catching should always be your 1st option as it allows
you to maintain control of the ball. You can settle the game
down and decide on how to distribute the ball. Catches are
often made when the keeper is under little or no pressure
from opponents as it is highly likely they will make a succesful

2)Punch- Punching is a good option for when the keeper has to
deal with heavy traffic or aerial pressure and the chances of
making a clean catch are less likely. There are 3 things to
consider when making a punch - height, distance and direction.
Ideally you want to punch the ball as far as you can in the
air, and preferably out to one of the sides of the field.
Doing this clears any imminent danger whilst allowing both
the keeper and defenders to regain position.