UKGK - Landing

Welcome to the UKGK Academy. This site aims to provide you with an insight
into playing the position of a soccer goalkeeper, as well as giving a
detailed look at what it takes to play at an elite level.The goalkeeper
position is vital, and arguably carries the most responsibilty on the
soccer field. Being the last line of defence, there is little margin for
error and any mistakes are often punished. The position requires quick
feet and safe hands, decisiveness and confidence. Good goalkeepers have
a presence about them that instils trust in their team.

The site outlines the fundamentals of goalkeeping - handling, footwork,
dealing with crosses, distibution of the ball and the mental aspect of
the game. The training section details various videos and practice drills
which should be used to improve the game of any serious goalkeeper. The
About Us section includes information about the academy itself and the
coaching services offered. The Links page is a collection of useful
resources relating to soccer from around the web.

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