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After Spending Most of her childhood growing up in France and Holland.
Bridget feels that these memories are at the essence of her work. After
leaving Goldsmith College with a B.A.Hons Fine Art Painting Degree in 1987,
she began her teaching career in London. Shortly after she emigrated to
Germany to become a mother of two wonderful boys.

"My work has always explored the dance of color and valued creativity
and field from where life evolves." Her now most recent work has been linked
through colors, crystals and the intention to bring healing energies and
love to her artwork. Bridget also eventually intends to widen her skills by
artistically drawing portraits using pencil and paints.

"Through the skills I have and the belief in allowing individual creativity
to develop, I have acheived excellent results in my Art Department" at Oakhill
College in Whalley, Lancashire, England. Since bridget has been at Oakhill
College the school has had 98% of students pass with a GCSE in Art,
coming along way from the percentage pass rate of students being certificated
with a GCSE in Art previously. "All my students are extremely passionate and
acheive way above their expectations."

Therefore, after school classes in GCSE and A Level will be avaliable in the
Art room at Oakhill College. Also there will be classes for Adults who wish
to explore their creativity and artistic abilites.

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