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Student Tutoring

Avaliable to students are private lessons to help towards their GCSE's and A level's.
The sessions will be 2 hours long, once a week on a Wednesday Night from 4.30pm till 6.30pm
Some materials will be supplied but pupils are recommended to provide their own.
Classes cost $20 for a single session, or $75 for 5 classes being booked in advance
Classes commence on booking.

They will learn how to Watercolor, Silk Paint, Batik, Draw and Paint with Oil and Acrylic Paint,
along with teaching many other nessasary skills to help guide and improve your art.

Over the 6 years I have been teaching at Oakhill College, I have strived for my pupils to get the
best grades they can possible, and looking at my statistics I have achieved that from my students
with 99% of pupils receiving a GCSE grade eqivilent or higher than a 'C' with many being rewarded with A*

Creative Adult Classes

Also Available will be Creative Adult Classes where adults can come with their ideas and i will assist them.
There will be an initial consultation for all adults that wish to come to classes.
Classes will be on a Wednesday Night from 7pm till 9pm.
Classes cost $20 for a single session, or $75 for 5 classes booked in advance.
Some materials will be supplied, however it is recommended to provide your own each week

"Free Parking"
will be avaliable on Oakhill College Car Park