1. Welcome

    Welcome to my math class! I'm so excited to be your teacher this year, and hopefully you feel the same! As we move through this year we will be learning some awesome things, but not all of them will be about math. Yes, math will be a very important part of this class, but hopefully you will take much more than that away from this class. My hope is to challenge you to be the best you can be at whatever it is you aspire to be. Even if it has nothing to do with math (although I think you will find that math has at least a little bit to do with everything!).
    Take a look through this website, and you will find everything you need to know about how this class will run. It may seem like a lot to take in and might be just a little overwhelming, but take heart! You are not required to memorize everything. You will be trained daily on everything you see until it all seems like second nature. Keep in mind though, that everything will not be learned in one day. Grades, Organization, Expectations, Rules, Consequences and Groups, everything on this website you will initially learn each at a need to know basis. We will then continue to review until you've got it down. Contact me by email at Nosborne@forum.montevallo.edu
  2. About Me

    I’m sure your wondering about this teacher you’re going to be spending the next year with. So, here are a few things about me...

            *My name is Nash Osborne.
              (a.k.a. Tater--Baseball Nickname)
            *I love music.
            *I like to lift weights.
              (I devote a lot of time to fitness)
            *I like to play baseball.
              (Or any sports really)
            *I lead worship at church.
            *I play several instruments.
              (but mainly the guitar)
            *One of my favorite songs is

    If there’s anything else you want to know, ask! I just might answer it. :)

  3. Edmodo

    This year we will sometimes be using the "flipped classroom." What this means is that we will, at times, flip where you're learning and where you are doing "homework." To learn how to do the math at home, I will be creating videos explaining in detail how to do each problem. This gives you the chance to watch as many times as you need until you understand the problem. Then you will do a few online practice problems to make sure you've got it. The best part about this is that when we flip the classroom, you spend less time on your assignments at home (I know you're excited about that!).
    One tool we will be using to do this is Edmodo. I will use edmodo to share these videos and assignments, and you (and your parents) can log in to view them. You will also be able to view your grades (no, you will not be able to see each other's grades). Through Edmodo, you will also be able to ask each other questions about the videos, assignments, and any problems you are having. I will always be available for contact through Edmodo as well!
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