College Life and Career

Manning at Vols Stadium Peyton knew that picking right college was going to be tough challenge for him. Most of the fans were expecting him to pick Ole Miss, the same college which Peytonís dad attended. Some of Archieís friend called him and insisted him to send Peyton to Ole Miss. But Peyton was sure where he wanted to go. Peyton wanted to make name on his own and he was worried about being overshadow by his family history. He was serious about playing pro football one day. So instead of choosing Ole Miss, Peyton choose University of Tennessee. It shocked lots of people in Louisiana, but Peyton was sure that UT was the right choice for him. Like Ole Miss, UT had a good football environment on campus with also a good academic atmosphere.

Peyton knew that it was not going to be an easy road. He knew that he will have to work hard than he did in school. In his first year in UT Peyton had to sit on the sideline and watch his senior quarterbacks playing. When Colquitt and Helton (UT starting quarterbacks) went down due to injuries, Peyton was more than ready to take over UTís offense. Peyton managed to take his team 8-5 and UT advanced to the bowl game in his first year. In his sophomore year Peyton worked out more to improve his quarterback skills. Peyton surpassed everybodyís expectation in his sophomore year. During Peyton Manning era, UT advanced to four straight bowl games. As a starter, Manning racked up a 39-7 record. At that time, those 39 career wins were the most ever by an SEC QB (later passed by Trent Green of Georgia with 42). Peyton popularity was touching sky. He would have entered NFL draft after his sophomore year since his college statistics were so impressive, but he wanted to earn his college degree before going to the NFL, so he decided to spend all four years of college. When Peyton graduated, he became the top passer in UT history with 11,201 yards and 89 touchdowns.

Besides football, Peyton was also a good student. Peyton graduated with a degree in Speech Communication with a GPA of 3.61. Peyton did find some old fashioned college fun and used to play jokes on his teammates. He enjoyed being a college student.

Tennessee Volunteers Records

Most passing attempts: 1,381
Highest completion percentage: 62.49%
Lowest interception percentage: 2.39%
Most passing yards : 11,201
Most passing yards (game): 508 (11/22/97 vs. Kentucky)
Most wins as starting quarterback: 39
Most consecutive passes without an interception: 132

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