All about Me

Hello, my name is Rhonda Price. I am a part-time student at the University of Montevallo where I am majoring in Accounting with the hopes of graduating with my degree within the next year or so. I am also a full time employee at UM working in the Office of Student Accounts. I have been working at UM for fourteen years. I have always loved the university campus because it holds such majestic beauty and deep historical roots. It was not until several years after graduating from Montevallo High School that I was given the opportunity to come back "home" and begin my career at UM.

Over the years, as my children and family began to change and grow did I begin taking pictures. It was not until my oldest daughter was in her later years of high school that I realized how much I loved taking pictures and photography in general. As she went through high school and graduation I became known as the "mom who always had the camera in front of her face." It was then I realized that I had somewhat of an artistic side to myself and a God-given talent to take a picture and turn that frozen memory into something that would last a lifetime.