Jodie Cotney

Jodie Cotney

            My name is Jodie Cotney. I am the founder of Jo's Photography... Yeah okay I cannot stand to be so machine like. I will just giver you my customers the truth. I love to take pictures. I found my love for this as I faced my greatest fear, being on a rickety old bridge about 200 feet from the ground. Yup a fear of heights, and there I was just clicking away on a camera oblivious to my peril. Well... not peril, but it does sound more poetic. Like I said pictures are my passion and I fully believe that pictures are those moments frozen in time, giving life to a memory. It may sound strange but, hey its a belief. I know that the people that I take pictures of will constantly look at them and each of them will remember something else, but I know that they all remember some moment that makes them happy.

            I did not get into this job to make a huge profit, because it demeans what I do making itall about the money. Instead I like to get to know the client as a person, and not simply another name in a ledger. Every one that I have taken pictures of so far are not just faces on a wall but people that I remember, and that feel comfortable to approach me to talk about their pictures, without expecting o be drained of their money. While I do have to operate like any other business it does not mean that I can not still do the things I like, with it. I may not be able to do things free... all the time... but I am capable of making it easier. So even if you are just a passerby I hope that you can find happiness in any picture you have.

Michael Schatz

            I am the transportation and technical support for Jo's Photography. My intrigue in this business is more than financial gain. I love the way that art can make people feel, and so helping by being a small part of it brings me joy. I know that Jodie Cotney started off from a humble beginning as a photographer, but has since become much more than that. In many aspects during the planning of the business we came to a realization that our plans were more than just for us, but also for the people (clients) who we were working for. In most respects I want to eventually take our business to the next level, but will not because we like to have the close personal connections to our clients.

            If there has ever been something that I have wanted to do it is that I wish to do something that will stay with people. I can think of no better way of doing this than by working alongside a amazing photographer. While my job is not as glamorous a position of taking the pictures, I do some of the editing as well as maintaining our website. If you are interested to know more about me check out my Personal Page. Here at Jo's Phtography.