Welcome to Jo's Photography

            Jo's Photography is a small business that has humble roots. To have a job that you love to do, and something that inspires you to get out of bed in the morning is more than anyone can ask for. For Jodie Cotney the founder of Jo's Photography, this is her inspiration. This inspiration, is what allows her to take pictures of you (our clients.) We believe that a photo shoot should fun an enjoyable, not a photo session that you get in a store or in some studios. We want it to be an experience that you will remember, and once more enjoy. There are so many advantages to taking our pictures outside of a studio, because it makes us constantly challenge how we take pictures and what types of setups and shots we use. We want you to feel like you want to be there and not feeling obligated to, because someone brought you there. We even take ideas from clients if there is something that they want to try. We are perhaps one of the most open minded photographers out there and hope that you will think so too.