The Tale of the Bluejay and the Redjays

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This website is dedicated to showing the trials and life of the Bluejay and his apprentices the Redjays, when you are reading the chapters listed to the side some names will be highlighted. These links shall lead you to profile pages for each new person or place. You'll be able to return back to the chapter and continue reading from the profile pages by clicking 'Backspace' or can come back to the homepage. There is also a page set aside for the author-that would be me-and also a Guestbook for you to leave any review or report any issues about the site in general.

For the time being, only Book One will be posted, if you want Book Two, simply go to the Guestbook and tell me in the review. Otherwise this site will just be taken down. The story won't be discontinued, just no longer on this website.

Redjay Promise

    Even when the winter burns and the sun turns cold,
    We will give our lives and our bodies to protecting what we cherish.
    We will keep fighting for justice and honor
    Even against Fate, we will protect those who cannot do so themselves.

Author's Note

There is an important note about the persepectives of each Book-should this story continue-before you start reading. Book One is going to be told from Bluejay's point of view, while Book Two and Three will be from Fallon and Raven's perspectives. Then Book Four, the final Book, will be done from Bluejay's once more.

Just choose Book One to start reading Bluejay's tale.

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