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Edible Forrest Trail (current)

The idea of an edible forrest was first conceived in the fall of 2015. The edible forrest or edible forrest trail will be designed to teach someone what plants you could or could not eat if you were stranded in the wild of Alabama. It is also designed to teach someone plants they could use to feed wildlife, plants used for erosion control, and plants that could be used for medicinal purposes.

The following are a brief list and description of a few of the plants to be highlighted by the trail.

Edible Plants
Plants for Wildlife
Erosion Control
Medicinal Plants

Bee's Nest (future)

Bees are a big part of any type of garden whether it be fruits, veggies or just plain flowers. Bees help with the pollination of basically all plants on earth and the goal of the Bee's Nest is to bring in some plants that are helpful in keeping bees around. Hopefully in starting a Bee's Nest the UM Garden can ensure the polination of all its plants and help raise the population of bees in the surrounding area.

Here are some of the plants they plan to bring in for the Bee's:

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