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University of Montevallo Organic Community Garden

- Recent Additions -

The Water Pump

The University of Montevallo Community Garden has many grant funded items on its grounds. One of the most important of these is the water retrieval system. Next to the garden itself is a creek. The pump itself runs on two marine batteries as well as a solar panel.

Water Pump

The way that the water pump works is that the batteries and solar panel power a pump that draws water from the nearby creek and stores the water in the basin (pictured above). At the front of the basin is a spigot that the water is released from into watering cans etc. The garden is then watered by hand to cut back on under/over-watering.

The Labrynth

Made entirely of white stone, The Labrynth is a work of art spanning 300 square feet of maze set next to the main garden plots. This work of art was designed and built by Cameron Strauss, one of the original co-founders of the garden. The Labrynth was Mrs. Strauss' senior seminar project at the University of Montevallo.

The Labrynth


Another important addition to the garden is the compost pile. Compost itself is used as a really nice organic fertilizer (plant food) for the garden. The compost at the Community garden is comprised of grass clippings, leftover preparation food from the University's cafateria, and donations from the plot owners. The compost was recently used to create a strawberry bed and is hopefully going to be used in the construction of raised beds.

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