Our History


In the beginning

In summer of 1999 Robin Wages decided their needed to be a change in her life. No longer did she want to work for someone but now to work for herself, but what to do? It came to her in a brief moment when a good family friend was telling Robin about her new job in the medical field. This job was to take, verify, and submit the “behind the scenes” paperwork needed for doctors to receive compensation from health agencies. She had realized during their conversation that the system was faulty and redundant and knew she could make a better way. She picked up the part-time position in a credentialing business to learn their ways, and the ways of the regulator agencies. By the spring of 2000 the business she had worked for was going under and knew this was the time to start on her own. By that summer she had already incorporated and was well on her way to running a successful business. As the year’s past Robin gained prestige even being featured in such magazines as Birmingham Business Journal, this is a testament to the foundation OneSource has laid.

What is credentialing?

Credentialing is the certifying of a document or documents attesting to the truth of certain stated facts. Stated simply credentialing is just us checking to make sure your doctor is being truthful about who he or she is, and if an insurance company will cover him or her. This is not only a stress for you as a patient but also for the doctor to insure he can help you without serious risk to either party. We are here to eliminate that risk all together.