Meet The Team

Introduction · Robin Wages · Samantha Crawford · Amanda Evans · Jeremy Lathem



The team at OneSource® is a highly skill and diversified group ready to handle the every changing and demanding style of medical credentialing. With a combined total of twenty-three years of experience you can guarantee that they can handle any situation.

Robin Wages

Robin Wages Robin Wages

Robin Wages is the CEO, President, and founder of OneSource® Credentialing LLC. Created in June of 2000, Robin saw a need for a specialized company that excelled in the credentialing process where other businesses failed. To achieve this Robin jumped straight into the business learning firsthand how other companies did it. By doing this she developed and new and certifiable way of credentialing that we now call the OneSource® way.

Samantha Crawford

Samantha Crawford Sam

Samantha is our senior credentialing expert, with years of experience she is a great addition to our team. Working with over six-hundred doctors a day Samantha uses the OneSource way to help our clients achieve our goals.

Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans amanda

Amanda is one of our most recent recruits. She joined the team less than a year ago and has made a name for herself already. Eager and ready to take on any challenge she jumped straight into credentialing mastering the basics in less than a month, and even making improvements to the OneSource way. She is a great addition to the team not only completing task for our clients but making constant improvement to the credentialing business.

Jeremy Lathem

jeremy jeremy

Jeremy is another recent addition, but like Amanda, has quickly risen to the top. Becoming the man who can complete any task, Jeremy has been a great addition, accomplishing task that normally take hours in minutes, keeping the process moving as quickly as possible and getting doctors into the field where they can get to their real purpose, the patients.